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Product Brand & Model:
Alpine F#1 Status DVI-9990 Head Unit
Alpine F#1 Status PXI-H990 DSP
Alpine F#1 Status TMI-M990 Single DIN Display

Condition of all items: All items got clean bill of health from Alpine in May of 2016. I have not opened them up since then. I guarantee no DOA. Cosmetically I'd rate from good to great, but you can judge for yourself in the pictures.

Total Price: : $2,200

Shipping Terms: : Free shipping insured to CONUS.

Pictures: Photos are below.

Additional info: Well, I hate to part with these as they were the foundation of the install in my 2000 Passat that I never finished because the car died:

I was going to use them for the install I am beginning to embark on in a Cadillac STS. So I sent them all back to Alpine to make sure they were in good working order. They all came back clean.

The reason I am selling them is because I've decided to go with the Sony RSX-GS9 and Helix DSP PRO MK2 combo.

I have this funny feeling I might miss this setup the same way I missed by Sony C90/XDP-4000 combo.

If you're checking out this post, I'm sure you know about the incredible sound quality and ability for a tune with the DSP. A couple of items I was really fond of:

* The Volume knob is big, round, and with grip. No "slipping."
* Super easy to get to the subwoofer adjustment and dial it in depending on music.
* When you seek, the volume turns completely off, so your ears don't get shredding with hearing the music in seeking chunks.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Scott Walters


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if you have not used the sony in person, please do before you buy! I think you will find its a very different experience than the alpine..
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