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FS: = Alpine PXA-H800 processor and the RUX-C800 package

ITEM BRAND & MODEL #:Alpine PXA-H800 processor and the RUX-C800

CONDITION: 9.5/10. Never installed in a car. Always indoors in a/c and heated room.
I did intend to install this in one of my cars. I only got as far as mounting the parts of the system with amps, dsp, etc. on a board with suede leather on it. The suede was meant to keep the bottom of the units from being scuffed up and improve the looks of the board. I got the components mounted on this board, and wired together but didn't ever get enough time to put this unit into the car. This was a dream SQ system for me that never got finished. So this is new equipment, but the dsp has been mounted. The RUX controller was never mounted, because I never got it into a car. The farthest I ever got towards using the equipment was connecting the RUX to the H800 and added bench 12V supply, and I was looking through the setup menus when I was deciding how to arrange my speakers, which was gonna be an active front stage of 3 Focal K2 way and a 10" sub. I never put sound signal into the unit.

Cosmetically the only sign that it was mounted is a scuff on the corner of the unit where a shielded cable rubbed against it, and the usual slight marking on the mounting brackets. The unit has been in air conditioned house ever since new. (no time ever outside in a car, or car trunk, like 99% of used units out there, and this should make you happy if you know how electronics like to live).

PRICE: $500 including CONUS shipping or make offer, or pickup in Delaware or NJ area

SHIPPING: Included

Warranty: I will offer a warranty on the unit against functional defects for a period of perhaps 14 days if you have it installed by a reputable professional, and you are a known member of good standing on this forum for some years. This isn't a buyers remorse/free rental/Walmart type return offer, but rather an offer of warranty that the unit functions properly, and if it doesn't I provide a means for you to send it back and we have it repaired or replaced as needed. Terms of such warranty to be discussed in future messages, and offered or not offered at my sole discretion. It doesn't apply to folks who sign up to this forum just for this offer. You have to have a standing of some years here. Sorry to make it this way but most provide no warranty at all, and I'm not far enough along in my financial plan to be able to afford to fund scam artists. (not that I am accusing anyone of anything)


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