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I have some accessories left over from my install that I did not need, so I figured I'd see if somebody else can use them. Prices do not include shipping. I only charge actual shipping charges, and I will combine items. My Ebay ID is 1hawaii50, and I am setup for pay-pal.

I have:

1 Stinger Pro SFPD2ANL ANL Fuse holder (1/0 in, 2 4 gauge out, dual ANL fuse holder)
Asking $20 *Brand new in package

1 Stinger Pro Power Distribution block # SPD815, (1) 1/0 in, (3) 4 gauge out.
Asking $9.00 *Brand new in package

1 Stinger HPM Power Distribution Block #SHD20 (1) 1/0 or 4 gauge in, (2) 4 or 8 gauge out
Asking $10.00 *Brand new in package

2 KnuKonceptz #FH-44, 4 gauge Mini-ANL fuse holders.
Asking $6.00 each 1 is used, 1 is brand new in package

2 Tiff gold-plated 60 amp ANL fuses
Asking $3.50 each *Brand new in packages

1 pack of 2 Audiopipe 80 amp ANL gold-plated fuses
Asking $3.50 *Brand new in package

If anyone has any questions, please ask.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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