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I have the items for sale:

1. Monitor 1 MX-1 active crossover that's made by ARPA, the same company that makes Arc audio. It has both high and low pass crossovers and in mint condition:

asking $100 shipped OBO

2. 2 x Focal passive crossover from Access 165A component set. Great for a 6.5 mid and separate tweeter.

asking $50 shipped OBO

3. 1 x Focal TN-47 Tweeter. This is the Tioxyd 5 inverted dome tweeter.

asking $50 shipped OBO

I am located in Austin, TX. I know my post count is low but you can check out my seller status on (same user name).

Please email me or PM if interested:

[email protected]

Thanks for looking


1 - 2 of 2 Posts