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FS: Arc Audio, Pioneer P1R, CA18RNX, JL12W3V2 (with Pictures and Price Drops!)

Hi Everyone, I'm getting out of the car audio field. Sticking with stock system for now. Prices are not set in stone, please feel free to make offers. I'm in no hurry to sell them, but would like to get some extra cash from them.

Stuff I have to get rid of:

*Arc Audio 4150 CLX amp in excellent condition (4x85watts RMS or 2x85 and 1x170) *SOLD*

*JL12W3V2 sub in JL's original power wedge box (single 12" sub) $180 + shipping The sub was purchased brand new and was only used for about 2 months.

*Pioneer DEX-P1R headunit complete with manual, microphone, full feature remote and steering wheel remote. $SOLD. Faceplate is still in great condition.

*Pioneer CDX-P2000, 12disc CD changer to go with the P1R $75 shipped or you can make me a combo deal with the P1R.

*Pioneer RB-20 adapter. Connects to any Pioneer headunit (with P-bus adapter) allows RCA inputs as well as pass through for CD changer. $30 shipped

SOLD *A pair of SEAS CA18RNX speakers (7" high performance speakers). sold Used for about 3 months, in perfect mechanical condition. Has signs of installations, but otherwise perfect. SOLD

*Coustic 2x50watt (RMS) amp. $45 shipped Includes original box with manual and spare fuse! Has built in crossovers.

*Clarion 2x15watt (RMS) amp. $30 shipped This amp is tiny! But perfect to drive a set of tweeters. Does not have crossovers.

*Amp wiring (4awg), RCA cables, speaker cables, etc. Just let me know what you need, I might be able to throw them in with purchase of related items.

One more thing to sell:
Palm Tungsten T3 PDA. Have a bunch of software for it. Worked great, comes with 512Mb Lexar SD card and EB slim leather case (bought for $30)and installed screen protector. Asking for a mere $225 shipped on this package. Comes complete with charger and even two hard cases (clear plastic one and Silverplastic).

Ipod Mini or Nano.
Razr phone for T-Mobile

PM me, I'll try to check PM's at least once a day.

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what are the dimensions of the 2 amps? and how much for local pickup? drop me a PM.
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