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1) Aurasound 15's I have a few of these, so if you need multiples, Ill make you a deal on the shipping, say 25 off, for each one. Singles $475 shipped (ie so multiples would be 475+450, or 475+450+425 etc etc)

2) Peerless XXLS 10" Aluminum, bought this for the computer room, I want it, but I need some play money right now, and gotta sell or trade to play its brand new in the box, 125 shipped

JBL 500GTI 5.25 mids, rather awesome mids, ive got a few sets of these, I only need one at the moment. Each set comes with all the mounting hardware, grilles etc. Brand new 125 shipped


media player (divx, avi, mp4, mp3, etc), handheld navigation, bluetooth internet with your cellphone, internal wifi
$375 shipped OBO , used but mint, comes with all the attachemtns, adapters, batteries, car charger, etc

im getting a optical out unit instead, and since all the summer parks are closing I wont need the handheld gps anymore

6) Alpine SPX-17Pro MIDS ONLY

BRAND NEW the mids and all mounting hardware, grilles etc is for sale, never used, $175 shipped OBO


some other deck with bandpass capabilities, that can play usb
f90bt, or f900bt
ddx812, ddx814, dnx8120
computer parts

who knows just pm me, I just want clear my closet in all honesty, and im tired of bumping this thread lol


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more pics, lets see if this helps, if nothing else get a good look at cool stuff lol

I could REALLY use a

HT receiver (onkyo 606, onkyo 607),
two 500 dayton plate amps,
nice x58 motherboard (MSI X58M),
12gb ddr3 ram (corsair HX3X12G1600C9)
NAS storage long as it hold 4 drives
4 1.5TGB hard drives (ill even take the seagate version)
80Gb SSD hard drive (Intel X35, or OCZ vertex)
Asus Xonar Essence STX
HT omega Claro Halo XT
seagate 500gb 7200.4 2.5" HDD
opus 360W DC-DC ATX/BTX
intel Core i7 920 used or new
intel core 2 duo e8400 used or new
gskill F2-8500CL5D-4GBPK
ATI HD4870
samsung T240
mini-itx case
8" touchscreen
evercoat Rage Gold
8 female to dual rca male y splitters
4 20ft rcas high quality
powermaster d2700 battery (really need one of these)

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no longer need the passives (got my processor fixed), so alpine SPX-17PRO MIDS and PASSIVES BRAND NEW NEVER USED 200 shipped OBO or trades lets get this stuff moving folks

XXLS driver is no longer for sale

Aura 15's, GTI mids, clarionmind stiiil for trade or sale
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