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Product Brand & Model: AE Speakers - IB10AU (10" Infinite Baffle Subwoofer)

Condition of all items: Brand New

Total Price: : $175.00

Shipping Terms: : Included In the Price

Pictures: Attached

Additional info:

I purchased from a guy who was not going to use it. My intent was to get a few of these. The plans have changed so I am going to let it go. The subwoofer is brand new. Never hooked up no used. No installation marks or scuffs. This subwoofer is designed for car infinite baffle installations.

I have seen a lot of people desire this subwoofer, but never wanted to wait on theirs to come due to the production process. So on this one there is no wait. The "Brand New" price for this subwoofer is $219.00, including shipping right at about $250.00. I am asking for $175.00 and that includes fedex ground shipping, paypal fees and etc. The package will have a direct signiture required. This insures me that the box was delivered. I will ship it in the factory box that I received it in.

Let me know if you have any questions. Below are the factory specifications and link to the actual product.

Factory Specifications:

AE Speakers --- Superb Quality, Unforgettable Performance, Definitely.

Fs: 25 Hz
Qms: 3.6
Vas: 68 L
Cms: 0.4 mm/N
Mms: 100 g
Rms: 4.35 kg/S
Xmax: 18 mm(peak)
Xmech: 22 mm(peak)
Sd: 345 sqcm
Vd: 1.24L (p-p)
Qes: 0.56
Re: 2.7 ohm
Le: 0.16 mH
Z: 4 ohm
Bl: 8.75 T/m
Pe: 500W (cont.)
Qts: 0.48
1WSPL: 85 dB
2.83V: 89.6 dB

IB10AU Highlights:

Ideal for Automotive Infinite Baffle applications. Full copper Faraday sleeve covers entire pole. Incredibly low distortion. High Xmax and high efficiency.


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They make a 4 and 8 ohm version only.
If you need to, possible reach out and see if they could build you a special version of that subwoofer. Might cost you an extra $100.00, but you get what you so desire.
Thanks for the advice :)

There's just so many options out there at the moment that getting a custom subwoofer to work like other subwoofers (in the application) is not as big of a value for me. There are tons of options.

The AE subs were my first go to choice for infinite baffle (first time trying it) and I have 400 watts @ 2 ohm available class a/b + a pg bass cube that I might just end up using. 200 @ 4 ohm though, I don't have any personal experience with these, but I've read nothing but good things.

Good luck with your sale! :)
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