I had originally picked up these units before I completely thought out my build. The seller I got the Helix from is looking to give me a bit of a run around returning it. I purchased it from a recommended eBay seller I got from a few posts here (audio_for_fun ) but even though I just received it on 2/2/22 & never even opened it pretty much as soon as I asked to return it he stopped responding, then after I sent a few emails he replied and denied the return because i sent him too many emails about the return (not kidding). I currently have an appeal open with eBay de to the douchery, but in the mean time I figured I would list it here to see what kind of offers I could get. It's BNIB, still taped up from the factory & I'm not going to open it. I took all sorts of pics from the outside of the box as shown below though. I also purchased a 2yr extended warranty via SquareTrade & it is fully transferable to whoever buys it from me. I have used SquareTrade a bunch in the past for anything from TVs to car audio speakers/amps & have never had an issue. For a good majority of stuff like car audio if there's a warranty claim they just cut you a check!

I also purchased a DSP-408 this week from another member here. I got it from UPS a couple days ago. he says it saw very little use and also comes with the BT add on. With the direction my build has taken I don't need or have a use for either one of these. I am a first time seller here, but have sold things on Fleabay for many years and can provide a link for feedback.

I am not looking to make a profit by any means, just want to try to be made whole.

Helix Mini DSP MK2 w/2yr warranty(ends Feb 2024) included - $450 w/warranty (plus PP Fees)

Dayton DSP-408 w/BT Add On - SOLD!

Please feel free to PM me with any/all offers trying to unload asap to fund the rest of my build. Thanks!