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I have a brand new in box Illusion Audio ND-12 for sale. Never used, never installed, never seen power. Only been out of the box once, and it was for the pic:

$250 shipped.

Also a set of Coustic DR-326BP (Bass Pumps). G reat for someone looking to upgrade from stock in a 2nd car/girlfriend's car and take up little room. Designed to drop right into 6x9/6x8 openings. Manual can be found here:
Pics here:

$115 shipped.

Coustic DR 6.5" subwoofers - 80w RMS. Manual can be found here: Only used one of them, and for less than a week in my front door as a midbass. Sounded pretty decent. 100hz test tone through it was rattling my dash pretty good. Don't have original box or manual (though obviously can be printed off from above link)

$55 shipped

If interested, e-mail me at [email protected]
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