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Product Brand & Model:
MiniDSP 2x8

Condition of all items:
Brand New

Total Price: :
$265 Shipped

Shipping Terms: :
USPS Flat Rate shipping. UPS or FedEx optional for extra cost

Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are positive, you must post a picture of the exact item you are selling.

Additional info:
Selling my brand new MINIDSP 2x8. I have all original cables, as well as a USB cable with the 5 pin plug to connect directly to the motherboard. It turns out they're used in basic usb optical mice. I got one from a free dell mouse that had a broken chassis.

Included is the 10x10 software. I will email it to the buyer after payment.

Also pictured is a 12v isolated DC regulator. I purchased it before realizing the MiniDSP had an onboard power supply. I planned on using it anyway, but am going to use the onboard eq from my deck till I decide on a final proc.

Not pictured is a Zapco Symbilink SLDIN-T.F and a SLDIN.18, and a female connector for the symbilink. I had this from another install, and was going to use it to connect balanced inputs on the MiniDSP. The female connector was purchased from my local electronics store and I soldered wires to allow for connection to the MiniDSP without cutting the Symbilink cable.

Price for the connector, cable, and adapter is $50 shipped, or $300 shipped with the DSP. I accept payment via PayPal gift.


Please be advised, all buyers and sellers are responsible for performing their own due diligence when considering any financial engagement. We recomend that you:

1) Check the iTrader feedback of the person you are dealing with on this site, as well as other car audio forums.
2) Ask for a name address and phone number. Call them and verify their info.
3) Valid e-mail address. Correspond before committing.
4) consider using an escrow service to protect yourself.

DO NOT proceed with a deal until you are completely satisfied with the other party.

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