Multiple items for sale.

x3 Clarion/AddZest APA4300HX Amplifier. Full tested and functional. Great sounding amp when you use the direct input which bypasses the gain/filtering stage. Very clean amp. Like a cheaper mcintosh MC440. Amps are in roughly an 8-9/10 condition. $300 EA/OBO shipped.

x1 MMATS 3000.1D Subwoofer amp. Currently has matte finish faceplate. Have the gloss faceplate as well. 8/10 condition. Some minor scratches on the 1 side, mounting feet. $625/OBO shipped.

x1 Arc Audio PS8 (non Pro, yellow PCB) Firmware updated to version 201079/PSC 67. Some minor scratches from mounting but all brushed surfaces and center screen clean. Upgraded OP-Amps to LM4652NA from stock 5532. 9/10 condition. $400/OBO shipped. SOLD

x2 Mosconi 6to8 DSP. 1 on Firmware F/W 1.9. 2nd on 1.2. Both checked. $200 EA/OBO. shipped

x1 Mosconi RTC/Remote Display Controller. Large faceplate style. 10/10 never mounted/used. $125/OBO shipped SOLD

x1 BT module for the 6to8. $20 add-on for the 6to8.

Shipping included for continental USA.