I'm actually just asking a question... Is there much of a demand for speakers and amps right now? I'm not really wanting to sell any of my stuff, but I have been sitting on it all for a while now and still intend to install it all in my minivan, but I'm also wanting to finish my flight training to get going on being a flight instructor/commercial pilot... I completely soundproofed my minivan and spent thousands on it, so it is ready to go but I'm just trying to weigh my future right now. I purchased everything from members on this website, so I have all record of everything as far as transactions go. It's all NIB. I'm just trying to decide if I would get every penny back I spent on it, because I didn't want to lose any money on it because I really would like to keep it. I just noticed that Crutchfield seems desolate, so maybe thought there might be a demand for stuff. Thanks.