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FS: Critical Mass SS82

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I have one (1) Critical Mass SS82 for sale. It has been used lightly and shows the average signs of wear. Has not been used in a few months and just been sitting collecting dust in my apartment.

Here is the very little information from the CMass website.

Product Information

8" Long-Throw High Power Subwoofer

RMS : 500
V. C. : 2"
Motor : STRD
X-over : N/A
F3hz : 28hz
db/2.83V : 88
Ohm : 2
Qft min : TBA

Would like $100 plus shipping or willing to trade for a DIYMA 12 plus cash on my end.

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would this be suitable to run IB?
quite suitable. nismos14 did an IB review of numerous 8's, it was the reason I picked this up. I wanted to run two in the rear deck but i never got around to it.

Here's the thread I was talking about:
would you consider a trade for an infinity perfect d4 12 plus cash? or two sundown e8s
sorry, the only sub I really want in trade is a DIYMA to try out.
Are you looking for any trades?
As far as trades, I'm looking for a DIYMA 12 but I'm fairly open. What were you thinking?
I've got a lot of installation stuff...
1 - 15 of 15 Posts