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DLS Iridium 6.3 Great condition, one of the tweeter a little piece of the plastic grill broke doesn't affect performance. crossovers have some scratches thats it. ONly had it for 4 months 490 shipped

RE MT 15 DUAL 2 Quad Soft 350 shipped

Rear Horn If in SO Cal we can do pick up. 60 bucks.

1 yellow top PIck up is 120. I don't want to ship this muther fker unless you are willing to pay for the crazy shipping.

Im located in So Cal orange county. Willing to go a little further. E-mail me at [email protected] or Pm me here.

this is all great equipment. Nothing is wrong with them. But basicly minor scratches and stuff. Let me know, possibly buying the car next week so i need to get rid of this stuff.
if someone wants to buy the whole set up for their car i will make them a good deal.

I have reference if you need.
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