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Product Brand & Model:
Sealed box, unknown brand

Condition of all items:

Total Price: :

25 bucks

Shipping Terms: :

pick up only

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No pics sorry

Additional info:

All right guys.
My brother in law is having a hard time in Kentucky and is moving up here with his pregnant wife to CT to live with us.
To make matters worse, the car I gave him a few months ago just got totalled. (NOT his fault, 100% fault of the other driver)
So now he has to fly out.

He's get the sub box from the car that he doesn't want to throw away. Obviously he can't take it on the plane. :) Just an empty box, the force of impact somehow froze the sub. The box was NOT damaged in anyway, and is still perfect.

It is dual 12 sealed, separate chambers, carpeted, and very good construction. If memory serves, around 1.25 to 1.5 per driver. But don't quote me on it.
I gave it to him with the car. I had 2 crystal 12's in it, they sounded fantastic.
He had a single RF 12 HE in it (the other was damaged in shipping to me, so the hole was left empty). It also sounded fantastic.

He just wants to dump it cheap, I told him 25 bucks would be a a fair price.
Someone help him out.

He's around the Magnolia area, and obviously has no car, so can't meet anybody.

Let me know if anyone is interested.



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