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FS: Eclipse 7200mkII

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I bought it brand new from Don what seems like...FOREVER ago.

Well I am just now doing the install in my Trailblazer SS and I really want to go with a Navigation unit, I know of somebody selling one so I figured I'd try to get rid of this first before I pulled the trigger.

You all know the unit and it's what it's capable of, if not here's a link:

ECLIPSE CD/USB Multi-Source Tuner with Bluetooth wireless technology CD7200 mkII | Fujitsu Ten

I am sure others can attest to just how sweet of a unit it is. I haven't gotten to install it quite yet, so I won't say anything of it's performance, it does look sweet though! I still have the original box, manual, everything that comes with it from Eclipse. I am not at home right now but will take photos of it with my username when I get home so you know I am not trying to pull one over on you. I surpassed 120 positive feedback score on Ebay, no negatives, I have some references here, one of which is Don himself (6spdcoupe). I haven't been around the audio forum as much as I was at one point in time due to another project of mine occupying all my time. But, the time has finally come to install my Dyns/Celestras/AVN (Hopefully)!

Ebay has only a few of these for sale, that seems to be the cheapest place to get anything, they are ranging from $380 up to $435.

I am asking $375 or best offer. No trades, as what I want has already been found!;)

ANY questions at all don't hesitate to ask. I am always around.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts