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I'm selling a few things from my car stereo because i'm downgrading everything for financial reasons :(


Eclipse CD8053

I bought my Eclipse 8053 brand new at Car Toys in May of 2005, and it has been taken very good care of. I’m selling it because I really don’t think a user like myself can really take advantage of all the audiophile options on this, and there’s too much money sitting in it for me to justify keeping it when SQ is really not a huge issue for me

This is really one of THE best head units available:
this is the famous Eclipse with three sets of 8v RCA preouts, with the option of running 16v balanced preouts; a 30-band Parameric EQ, detailed time alignment options, etc.

I’m pretty sure I still have to original box it came in as well. ESN was never activated, I have all the original documentation as well.

Since it’s basically perfect, and rare, I’m looking for $350 + shipping Price may look high to some but alot of you will know what it's worth at this point in this condition ;)


For sale is a component set that includes the following pieces:


Boston Acoustic Rally Series RC620 6.5" Midwoofers
These speakers are 4 ohm, and as others will attest, they are loud and clear :) I fed them somewhere around 160 watts and it really felt like they could handle more, these things can handle inane amounts of power, while still remaining efficient at lower power (90 db sens)! In my well-deadened door situation, midbass was strong, midrange frequencies were clear and radiant, it was most everything i wanted in a midrange speaker.

Boston Acoustic 620x Crossovers
This is the crossover for the RC620 component set, well built, but keep in mind its a decent sized crossover (because of the build quality) so you'll need a bit of space for them.

AURA MR620 1" Tweeters
This is the tweeter i used to replace the RC620 tweeter when i bought the RC620 component set because its far more robust than the tweet that comes with the RC620 set originally. This is not the Aura Silk Dome tweeter that everyone went nuts over, its the slightly upgraded (over the Stage 1 RPM) tweeter from the MR620 set, handles more power, and is a bit louder with the same clarity as the famous Aura Stage 1 RPM Tweet.

Tweets + Xovers + Midwoofers --> $200 SHIPPED!

Original BA RC620 Component set = $299.95
retail .... and mine is upgraded!!



I have tons of references under the same name on the forums, here are just a few:


req (x2)
FRITO (x2)

(and i really can't remember the rest offhand :rolleyes: )

Anyway, email me or post here or PM me or contact me on AIM (Screename: tetris in love) if you're interested.

Thanks for looking!

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The price on the CD8053 is reasonable as long as the original warranty is in effect, I do beleive that it is if you have the original docs. It is also transferable AFAIK.

If not, the price may be a hard sell... those without warranty are often seen in classifieds and on ebay for much less, I speak from experience having just sold my *second* CD8454, which is the equivalent flagship model to the CD8053.

That said, if I had the oppurtunity to purchase your CD8053, the warranty would definitely come in to my decision about the fairness of the price...
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