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I purchased 100sq ft of the eDead V1.SE for the truck, and have 62sq ft left over. One roll has 33sq ft and the other roll has 29sq ft. This dampening is $1.50 per sq ft + shipping on eD's site. I am looking to get $39+shipping for the 33sq ft roll and $34+shipping for the 29sq ft roll. This comes out to about $1.18 per sq ft. If you buy both rolls, 62sq ft total, I will do $70+shipping and throw in a free roller.

I also have 1 gallon of the eD V3 in blue. This is a liquid deadening that can be painted on with a brush, or sprayed on with a gun. This deadening is $50 per gallon on eD's site. I am looking to get $37+shipping.

Let me know if interested or have any questions. For features/pics/specs/applications, etc. click HERE

Please email me at [email protected] for a shipping quote.

Please include your screen name and forum you are from / your zip code / and if you want the 33sq ft roll, 29sq ft roll, the gallon of V3, or a combination of any.

Thanks, Dave

I will attach a couple pics to give you an idea of how much 62 sq ft is

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