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Hi all.

I still have my DR's. Interested in selling or trading them off.

I have:

2 x 505DR's specs 50x2 way underrated. Balanced RCA inputs. No onboard xovers. Pure amp here!

1 x 510DR 100x2 also way underrated. Same balanced inputs, no onboard xovers.

That's a total of 3 amps. All in great condition. All function perfectly!
The 505's I have not used since getting them a few years ago, except for testing. (I had 2 other's that I used for a long time, great amps until they were stolen....argh!)
The 510 is currently being used in my car, but has only seen tweet duty running my Scan D2904/6000's.

I'm looking to get $300 + shipping for all 3. I have the original boxes for the 505's, no box for the 510.

For trades, i'd consider a couple Idmax D4 12's, of course i'd throw in a little cash as well.
Also looking for a nice HT receiver. HDMI capable a must, optical input a must, prefer HDMI audio capability, but not required. Prefer 7.1.
Onkyo TXSR606 or similar maybe?

Or possibly a 6-channel full range amp (must be full on all 6 channels!) with a good xover on it, or a decent HT speaker package.

Let me know what you've got!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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