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Do to an unexpected trip I had to take, because of a death in the family I have a sale off some of the things I have around the house.

I have a BNIB set of 8.3 3 way passive crossovers. Crossover points are 350 Hz on the low side and 7 KHz on the high side. You will received 4 passive crossovers in total, 2 for the tweeter and mid-bass and 2 for the midrange. $70.00

I have 2 used, but in mint condition DLS RA20. Both are in a Like new condition. These are super clean amps. If your looking for a great SQ these are the ones. $265.00

I also have a DLS RA25 it is also in mint condition. $200

See this link for specs.

I have a BNIB DLS A3, never seen power. $460.00

I have a used but in mint condition DLS OA10. This is a very nice sounding sub. $70.00
See this link for specs.

I also have JVC KD-LX30 head unit. It is in very good condition and works perfect. It has front, rear, and subwoofer outputs, it also has a RCA line inputs. $95.00

I have 55 feet of Tsunami competition series 14 gauge twisted paired speaker cable. It is red and silver in color. $30.00

I have 30 feet of premium series Tsunami 12 speaker cable. $20.00

I also a few interconnects:

2 Used in Mint condition Raptor by Tsunami Black Magic Pro-Series twisted pair 6m, these are the top of the line Raptor cable, this is very nice cable with a cotton braided outer jacket (black in color.

3 used in very good condition Streetwires .5m ZN3.5 silver plated.

2 used in great condition Phoenix Gold 2m Arx.800zin

2 BNIB Stinger Hyper Series .9m Twisted paired

$60.00 for all of the them.

I also have a Velodyne Servo-subwoofer controller. It was in a friends car with a Velodyne DF10 (I think that is the model # for the sub) car sub. His was broken into and the fools took the sub and not the controller. Not sure if it is any good with out the sub. So I say $95.00 obo.

****I will split shipping within the U.S.****

I will consider trades, here are a few things I looking for.

200 or more square feet of sound dampen (Raammat, Second Skin something along these lines)

Vga car monitor 8 inches or larger

High-end 8” mid-basses must be in perfect working condition perfect condition from the front, and must work great IB. (Dayton RS225, Peerless XLS 8, Morel Elite 9 something along these lines). Or a pair of RS270 would be nice.

Not looking for any amps or subs.

****I will consider fair offers****

I can send pictures upon request. Thanks for all your help in advance.
in advance.
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