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Selling my Hybrid Audio Unity U61-2v2 6.5” component set. I've had them maybe 5 years now. The last 1.5 years they have been in storage in my closet. When I removed them from my last car I covered the speakers loosly with cling wrap to keep the dust out. What you see is all I have, no other accessories included.

$200 shipped.

Also listed on ebay here. Giving you folks a slight discount with free shipping. Ebayer's gotta pay. Hybrid Audio Unity U61-2v2 6.5'' car speaker component set 4ohm | eBay

As for the trade idea. It would need to be the same size with small/tiny crossover or built in with inline bass blocker type setup. I do not want to mount a cluncky crossover in my car car this time around, I want it to fit easily and safe in the door card. Needs to be efficient as it will see stock head unit power only.


1 - 12 of 12 Posts