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FS/FT: OptiDrive DA6 line driver/splitter, 2ch in 12ch out.

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I bought this recently and for the life of me I can't remember why.
It has 1 stereo input and 6 stereo outputs, all 6 sets of outputs are controlled by a single gain pot with a 0-12db level adjustment. It uses slide-on terminals like a speaker instead of a regular power plug, I'll include 3 if you don't have any.

I'd like to get $60 shipped for it, or trade for/towards ???.

I could use an Audiocontrol 6XS, or some other quality 3-way crossover with 24db/octave slopes and stereo lowpass that'll go up to 300hz.
Also looking for a quality 10" sub to use in a "roadtrip box" when I don't have room in the back of my SUV for my regular sub enclosure. Open to other options too, let me know if you've got something you think I could use. PayPal is fine too, I'll cover their fee.

Here's some pics, you can see it's in great shape:

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Somebody trade me something cool for this! :D
Someone make me a good offer on this, I'm probably going to move it to eBay soon if there's no interest here.
Last bump here.
I've got the matching Encore E15 half/full octave 30-band EQ here too if someone needs that.
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