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Im bored and I want some new stuff to play with, as usual

so for sale or trade

1) Zapco dc650.6 mint condition 1.4 software, yet I have 1.41. if you want it

serial in tact, three sym to rca cables included


2) zapco DC1100.1 not so mint, there is a small break in one of the fins, about 1/4"is broken off amp works fine, 700 shipped, comes with one sym to rca cable, serial intact

3) two 18 ft sym cable, 45 each

4) two sym y splitters 30 each

5) two 6 ft sym cable $20 each

6) two male to male sym connectors $20 each

7) two month old jvc avx820 2009 version, mint, no scratches, comes with remote, box, cage,, hard wired usb connector, digital 5.1 output, 5V pre outs, etc etc all screws as new

$425 shipped

let me know if you are interested, pm me for trades, or questions etc
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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