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Edited as I think the initial price was too high. Now asking USD1,600 or best offer.

Only selling amps from my collection as building up funds for car modification work.

One from 250 limited production worldwide with a RRP of USD2,699. Amp will come in Genesis standard packaging in its protective wrapper, original user manual and bench test certficate dated March 2008 as pictured (botton amp in picture). Amp saw little use before being sent back to Genesis for repolish with new badge and stored since, condition is like NEW.

I have another Genesis Dual mono Class A (top amp in wooden box) which I can I sell as a set for a great front stage setup if any buyer is interested. That amp is brand new in Genesis wooden box presentation.

Asking USD1,900 (for bottom amp in picture) with free shipping to USA by insured Fedex door to door courier service.

Thanks for looking


Introduction for those who are not aware what this Class A amp is capable of!

Long considered the ultimate configuration for superb audio performance, true class A amplification has been passed over by the automotive world due to cost and current consumption. Cleverly integrating Class A and Class G technology, Genesis has managed to produce a ground breaking product which operates in true class A mode up to 20 Watts per channel at 4 Ohms then seamlessly switches to class G for high power requirements – up to 150 Watts per channel. As a result, idling current is kept below 15 Amps.

Dual power supplies and a dual mono architecture ensure excellent staging. Separate gain controls for each channel as well as variable low pass and high pass filters allow maximum application flexibility. The filters can be switched out for “straight line” use.

Two internal fans maintain optimum temperature levels and are supplemented by a temperature dependent cooling fan output, allowing system designers to add cooling to suit specific mounting conditions.

Genesis will hand produce just 250 individually numbered units in its factory in Essex, England.

Burr-Brown and Analog Devices preamps and filter IC's are used. Sanken output transistors for exceptionally warm, detailed and musical sound quality. Also fitted with a temperature dependent fan output providing flexibility in cooling options, and two inbuilt fans control the case temperature at an optimum level.

A limited production of 250 amplifiers will be made world wide, all individually numbered.

Brief Specifications:

Rated Power: 4ohm 2 x 20 WRMS

Class A mode: 2ohm 2 x 10 W RMS

Typical Power: 4ohm 2 x 26 WRMS

Class A Mode: 2ohm 2 x 13 W RMS

Typical Power: 4ohm 2 x 150 WRMS

Class G Mode: 2 ohm 2 x 250 W RMS

S/N : > 115dB A Wtd Ref full output

Input : 0.3 - 4.0 Volts RMS

Crossovers: High pass <20 Hz - 200Hz Fully variable

Low-pass, 50 Hz - 200Hz Fully variable

Filter slope: 12dB / octave ( 2nd order butterworth )

Fuse: 4 x 20 Amps

Size: 450 x 210 x 62

Origin: Designed and hand-built in the Genesis factory in Essex, England.

Official manufacturers website as below:



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