Who's ready to take their car stereo to the next level?

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If you are, better grab these, as they are the very last ones I can get at theses prices. In the last 1-1/2 years the Thesis 3-way set, has gone from (retail prices of) $4,700, to $5,500 and is now at $6,300...!

I am running the entire 3-way set in my vehicle (see pic @ bottom) and it sounds amazing (any local So. Cal'rs can hit me up to hear it).

The Violino Tweeter and Voce Mid work together so clearly, so precisely, so accurately, you will never want to change these out. These will play well with any hi-end Woofers, no need to match with the Sax, but I can get you a set, if you want (Retail $2500 - my price $1700+shipping)

The two speaker lines you rarely ever see for sale "used" here are the Focal Utopia's and the Thesis components, and for a very good reason - they sound awesome and people don't part with them...!

Both of these are brand new in the box (BNIB).

The Thesis TH 1.5 Violino (Tweeter) it very large, and in your hands will feel line a work of art! It has a super wide range (800-26khz) and can be run in a 2-way set-up, but performs best in a 3-way. It is a super clear, yet natural sounding Dome, free of harshness and allows the listener to hear music/instruments exactly as they were recorded! It also works well off-axis.
Read about the Violino here:

The Violino (Tweeter) now retails for $1800/pair:

The Thesis Voce Midrange is a 3" mid that has a true Midrange frequency range of 110-5,700hz. That is basically most all of the vocals, guitars, bass guitar, and drumming. In a 2-way system, the midrange frequencies are are produced by the tweeter and/or the woofer. Having a dedicated, high quality Midrange on-axis is going to elevate your sound to an amazing level. And this is one of the best midranges available today..!

Read about the Voce here:

The Voce (Mid) now retails for $2,000/pair:

Want to learn more or see their recommended mounting locations, or recommended crossover points?
The Thesis Speaker Manual is here:

Thesis 1.5 TH Violino Tweeters Set: Retails for $1800, sell for $1100 (savings of over $800 w/tax)
Thesis 3.0 TH Voce Midrange Set: Retails for $2000, sell for $1,300 (savings of over $850 w/tax)

The above prices are Plus Shipping (can meet So. Cal. buyers), CONUS only.

ALSO: I am no longer using PAYPAL, preferred payment is US Post Office Money Order.

I prefer to sell together...if interested in both - please make a reasonable - NOT LOW-BALL offer...

My Thesis speakers are shown below, with the OPTIONAL Grills - Note I can get these for you, if you want to upgrade the Grills at an extra cost, otherwise the Grills that come with these can be painted.
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Thanks for looking, questions? hit me up...