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Got a set of Used Hertz Mille legend MLK 165.3 that comes with crossovers and ML 28.3 Tweeters. These are some of the best sounding speakers on the market. Bass for days and with clarity. Set is in very good condition and ready to be installed.
I also have a set of Mille Pro Coaxials BNIB. A set of Mille Pro Components that are Brand New never used. Finally, i got a set of Mille Legend 700 Midrange speakers that are like new.

MLK 165.3 Set- $720 Shipped
ML 700- $325 Shipped
MPX 165.3- $325 Shipped
MP 165.3- $ 325 Shipped

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Thanks Cmartinez. I'm in Australia and after exchange rates and delivery I can probably get the current model here for around your price. Sorry I can't take them off your hands. I reckon Hertz are underrated on the forum, I have the 1650.3 and 165.3 mille legend splits and a pair of the energy sub boxes with the active and passive drivers and three of the HP802 330wpc amps and it is an awesome set up. I did go with a helix ultra DSP though. The speakers are beautiful, genuine hifi, with natural timbre and lots of detail and an insanely good frequency range. I could live without subs if I had to, the splits are so good. Good luck with your sales.
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