Thanks for looking. I'm very motivated to sell the sub and enclosure from my build here: Enclosure - Google Drive

1) JL Audio 10W7-AE3, in mint condition, with about 6 months of usage, including original packaging/shipping box.
2) Custom-built enclosure, 1.5 cubes net, ported at 30Hz; 3/4" birch play, double baffle; laser-etched and LED backlit plexiglass window; can be used down-firing or forward/back-firing. Excellent condition, minus a couple creases in the carpeting from the tight fit against my tailgate.

Always powered cleanly and was a part of an SQ install, i.e. never over-driven.

See full build pics here.

This box only saw 6 months of usage and performed flawlessly. Amazingly, it can fit in the trunk of a 2-door JL Wrangler. It's been sitting in my parents' garage (wrapped up to avoid dust), so I am very motivated to sell it, hence the low price.

$850 local pick-up. I have the ability to package it should it need to be shipped (at buyer's expense), however preference will go to local folks. I can potentially drive within reason and meet a buyer half-way. Also, glad to demo it, if helpful.

Thanks for looking!