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Product Brand & Model:

JL Audio HD900/5​

Condition of all items:

Used, 9/10​

Total Price:


Shipping Terms: :

shipping & retail value insurance included​


Additional info:

I used this temporarily in my Jetta. I can't remember how long but it was just a few months total in time because I moved onto a Honda Accord. It's been in my garage for a year and a half now.

The bad news...There's two scratches on the underside of the case. I don't know where I put the JL Audio Badge. :surprised: The panel that covers crossovers and gain has a silver allen screw now. The black one is with the badge somewhere :mean: I'll probably find it in one of my designated "safe spots" later. Pictures show the allen head screws that are marred from install. I taped up the tool but I guess it wasn't enough. *shrug*

I love this I'm not in any hurry to sell it and priced it for fair value. That pricing does include retail value replacement insurance. I don't ever keep that money. It goes to the new owner. Just something I've always done with my sales. Only needed to use it once for an xbox 360 though. I know the other sale prices of these amps so please don't remind me. If anything, I may put the VX5i up for sale in place of this one.​


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4) consider using an escrow service to protect yourself.

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