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I've been testing a JL Audio MV400/4i in my truck to help learn the tuning automation in Tun4. While it’s capabilities are fantastic, it doesn’t fit within my future plans so up for sale it goes. I do not have the original box, but the power & speaker connectors, RCA covers, and USB cable are included.

BTW (because I know someone will comment) the amp is mounted on the back of a center console subwoofer in the pics, but this sub has remained unconnected while I’ve been experimenting with the Tun4 software.

Another couple of things about the MVi vs the VXi series: The MV400/4i has 4 pre-outs compared to 2 on the VX400/4i. Also the MVi series doesn’t have the giant proprietary connections the the VXi have.

Price includes shipping in the lower 48 States.