ITEM BRAND & MODEL #: JL Audio Twk-88 DSP and DRC-200 Remote Control

(New / Used - on a scale of 1-10) Used, 9/10, (The paint around the mounting holes is scratched from previous installation. Otherwise it is in great shape.)

PRICE: (typically in US Dollars) $400 shipped

SHIPPING: (Included or to be Negotiated) Free shipping via USPS Priority Mail

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (specs / features)
I bought this unit off of the forum last year and enjoyed my foray into the land of DSP. The software was easy to use for a newb and the unit itself made a significant improvement in the sound quality in my vehicle. I was able to tune out some of the boomy frequencies I was experiencing in my car. You can read more about these items at TwK-88 and DRC-200