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I am selling everything I have sitting around so I can get my lift kit and new wheels/tires for the new truck I just picked up last Monday :)


I have a bunch of RE (Resonant Engineering) RE8's, brand new in box. These subs are one of the best 8" drivers on the market, with over 12mm of throw. They work in sealed enclosures of .25 cu ft, and ported enclosures of .5 cu ft. All drivers are 4ohm DVC's. All are brand new in box, un-used. The tape on the back of the magnets covering the pole vent still needs to be removed. Boxes were opened for pics only! Looking to get $60ea + shipping or $100 for a pair + shipping.

I have a set of custom made RSX kick panels that are blue in color and will house a 4" midrange driver for those of you who are looking to do 3-way comp setup up front. These kicks are setup for optimal imaging, and cost over $500 to fab up at a shop. Looking to get $250+shipping.

I have (4) 10" MTX thunder 8000 subs. These are all brand nex in box, in which box was opened to inspect driver and to take pics. These are all 4ohm SVC's. All specs can be found HERE Looking to get $60ea + shipping or $100 for a pair + shipping.

That is all for now :) Please post here if interested or have any questions. I didn't get into details like I normally do since most of you know and/or are familiar with the equipment listed above, but feel free to ask in-depth questions if needed. Pics available upon request, and will be posted here.

Please, serious inquiries only! This stuff needs to go asap! Driving a stock truck is killing me, I have a modding problem :(

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