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FS: McIntosh MCC446 and Audison Bit One NIB

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I bought a bunch of hardware without taking size into consideration. I was going to go with a 6-channel amp, the Bit One processor, and run an active 3-way front stage. Unfortunately, my car (Mercedes SLK-350) is WAY to small for the McIntosh amp, and it would be a major PITA to route 6 RCAs and speaker cables from front to back.

So, I'm going with a passive x-over setup and an Audison LRx/VRx to drive two channels, and will be selling the other gear I already bought. I'm open to trades if you have an LRx 2.9 (or better) in good condition.

The Gear:

McIntosh MCC446 6-channel amp: $600

4 x 55w + 2 x 110w @ 4 ohms (rated at 12v) THD <= 0.005%
in good condition, a few scratches on the fins. I paid twice as much, but figure I'll take a loss since I was the ignoramus who bought it without checking dimensions. It's been powered up and all channels were working when tested.

Audison Bit One: $600

This is brand new, in the box, and will come with the receipt (I just bought it last week). The authorized dealer I bought it from will honor the full warranty, as long as you keep the receipt that I include with it. The only reason I'm selling is because I've decided to keep my first install simple and go with a passive setup.

I will post pics later tonight when I get home and have access to the gear and a digital camera.

PM if you are interested.
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Sweet equipment and no $$ in my paypal account.

someone is going to get some good stuff.
any interest in (2) nib tru s500s?
I should have mentioned above that I need an amp that is under 9" of width. Unfortunately, the Tru S500 is 9 3/8". Otherwise, I would have been interested.

BTW... congrats on 666 posts! Very cool.
lol... nice... didn't even notice.

too bad the trus won't work... the mcintosh would have been a great answer to my problems. i ran out of room for speakers and had to go from 3 way passive to active. kind of the exact opposite of your issue.

what an awesome amp for someone's front stage!

Here's a link to the innards of the 440, a predecessor with similar design (but the 446 has more powa!)

McIntosh MC440

Neat amp you got there....most of the builds I try to help people with have a total budget of ~$600, so they probably won't see the beauty in this amp. Hopefully another DIY'er will.

Ebay has one going for about this price just starting, but it will probably end up MUCH higher. $600 is a steal IMO.
OK, I'm back from the weekend, with some pics of the stuff for sale...

As I said, the McIntosh MCC446 cosmetically is about a 6/10. I've attempted to capture any scratches in the photos, as well as the wear to some silkscreened words on the aluminum end-strips (the word "powerguard" has some wear). The pics were taken with a Google phone, so I apologize for the low quality, I was trying to get these up quickly for people that have expressed interest already.

This amp is a freaking tank, it's large and weighs probably close to 20-30lbs. This particular model (MCC446) has a power rating of 55 watts x 4 channels + 110 watts x 2 channels (rated at 12v, it will produce a whole lot more than that easily). All while keeping the THD to under 0.005% (better than 99.99% of the Class-A extreme hi-fi home amps like the Krells).

These amps still sell for well over $1000 on ebay all the time, so take advantage of my impatience to get a new amp that will fit my car, and pick this thing up for half what you'd pay anywhere else. If there was ANY way this would fit in my trunk, I wouldn't even think about selling it.

Pics of the Bit One coming next...
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OK, I opened the Bit One's box to get these pics. Hope any questions are answered. I specifically looked for the software version which appears to be 1.3 (on the CD).

The Bit One, again, is brand new and in the box, totally unopened. I will include the receipt from the authorized dealer who has agreed to support the Bit One no matter who buys as long as they keep the receipt. I will be including the receipt with the sale. This item is less than 2 weeks old.

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And finally, pics of the car that I was trying to cram all this stuff into. As you can see, she just ain't big enough to get that McIntosh amp into. Totally bummed about that. But I love this damn car anyway. Best car I have ever owned, hands-down. I love this car more than I love my girlfriend, and they both know that.

This car has been modified pretty heavily, but kept stealthy and stock-looking on purpose. She's a sleeper. And yeah, she's killed more than her fair share of M3s, 335is, Caymans, 911s, etc. 385rwhp, 390lb/ft tq @ 2900RPM, 14" rotors with 6-post calipers to slow her down when necessary (not often). Custom sub-frame connectors and sway bar keep her planted, as do the coilovers and the 5-link rear. The front license plate has been removed and the nose shaved, the rear plate has been treated to prevent photography, the window glass replaced with plexi and tinted to 15%... along with a number of other mods. I gotta stop before the cops find this thread.

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Frickin' sweet man! Have you thought about the ARC mini's? JL Audio has a really small line of amps out now as well. Just a thought..............
Frickin' sweet man! Have you thought about the ARC mini's? JL Audio has a really small line of amps out now as well. Just a thought..............
Yeah, funny you mention it...

I've narrowed it down, pretty much, to the Helix H400, the Arc Audio Minis, and the Audison VRx/LRx series amps. All those will fit in my car, as they are all under 9" wide. Will probably end up going with an Audison amp, since I've got the Hertz components.

To anyone looking at the Bit One or the McIntosh MCC446, I'm open to trades. I'm mostly looking for Audison amps, and am also looking for DDIN head-units such as the W505, DNX8120, etc. We can work something out. Hit me up if you have something and would like to work a deal.
This particular model (MCC446) has the highest power ratings of any McIntosh 6-channel amp ever built.
Sorry man, you're wrong. The MC4000 was the most powerful Mac at 100x4 & 300x2. But yours is definitely powerful and you have a hell of a great price. Good Luck man. I love these amps.
sweet ride.... the lrx series are very good amps. very compact ,powerful,and clean complaints yet.
the bit one is tempting me.....
Is shipping included in the price for the Bit One?

Sorry man, you're wrong. The MC4000 was the most powerful Mac at 100x4 & 300x2. But yours is definitely powerful and you have a hell of a great price. Good Luck man. I love these amps.
Ooops! And I thought I was an expert on the McIntosh products. Well, I guess it's true what they say, you can't be smart AND handsome all the time!
Is shipping included in the price for the Bit One?

Sure. I've agreed to pay shipping and insurance on the McIntosh, so I guess it'd only be fair to do the same with the Bit One. I'd have to pay shipping to send it back anyway.

So yeah, the price on the Bit One will be $600, which includes shipping/insurance.
Checking on something - then I might well pick up your B-1 soon.

a sinfoni would do well for your passive set-up;)
The McIntosh MCC446 is pending payment.

Bit One still available! Still brand new, in the box, at $200 under MSRP (and if you include shipping, $100 less than the cheapest price I've ever seen on a new Bit One).
OK, the McIntosh has been sold. Thanks, darsum!

Now, anyone interested in this Bit One, let me know. I'll be calling the dealer today and might exchange it on a 2-channel Audison VRx. This is your last chance to get a killer deal on the Bit One. Trust me, you won't find it brand-new (with full support, warranty, receipt, etc) ANYWHERE for $600. And that price includes shipping and insurance!

I'm also interested in trades for:

Audison VRx/LRx amps, or Arc Audio KS/SE series amps
Kenwood DNX-8120
Zapco Ref 1000.4

Obviously, if you had any of the above and the value was higher than the Bit One, I'd cough up some cash to make up the difference.
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