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Need $$ and figured I'd clear out some of my extra stuff. Some of this is from old installs, some is unused, check it out!

Monster Cable:
(20) brand new VideoSplit MVS-2R true 75 ohm car video splitter .......these are single in dual out. retail is $40 $5 shipped each (pm if you need a quantity price)

(1) brand new XPHP-CI ultra high performance cl-3 rated speaker wire. This is 14 gauge twisted time correct and a whole lot of other Monster goodness. I used about 40 feet leaving approximately 60 feet on the roll. $35 shipped

(1) used 8 meter reference series toslink cable. This is the best optical cable they offer, retails for $200. Also tough to find in this length. One barrel was modified to fit my Sony 4000x processor, nothing major (see pics). $75 shipped

(1) used set positive and negative dual ring + dual 8 gauge out battery terminals
I could only find one of the lexan covers. Asking $20 shipped for the set

(2) used set positive and negative single ring + single 8 gauge out battery terminals
I could only find 3 lexan covers. $10 shipped per set

(1) unused 300 series ANL fuse holder with 200 amp fuse. Accepts up to 1/0 gauge wire. $10 shipped

(3) used 5 meter 401xln 2 channel rca cables. All have been cleaned and inspected and are in good used condition. $20 shipped each

(3) used 2 meter 401xln 2 channel rca cables. Cleaned and inspected.. 2 are great condition. One has a tear in the rubber boot on one channel a few inches from the barrel. The wire is fine underneath. $15 shipped each for the good ones. $10 shipped for the one with the torn boot.

(12) unused 4 gauge crimp on spades with red/black insulator sleeves

(3) unused 4 gauge crimp on rings with black heat shrink sleeves

(4) used Rockford 4 gauge set screw rings with sleeves. These work perfectly with the monster battery terminals. I have 2 positive and 2 negative ...$2 shipped each.

(2) brand new Stinger custom pro 4 gauge Maxi fuseholders. These can be used individually or linked together to look like a distribution block. $5 shipped each

Pm if you need to work out a package on multipe items.
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