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FS: Morel(Supremo CDM Elate) , JL 13W7, Select Actuator

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So, I just gutted the G35, because I'm starting on the new system. This stuff has got to go! First up the old front stage:

I have a pair each of Morel Supremo, Morel CDM54 and Morel Elate SW6 6" woofers. They were all purchased from an authorized dealer. I am the original owner. All of the speakers are in perfect working order, include original grilles, boxes and I think even owner's manuals, but don't hold me to the manuals. The Supremos are indeed a matched set. They have some minor blemishing where the screw head sits. Please see the pictures. The brown stuff is MDF that has stuck to the mounting surfaces. The CDM54's have 12AWG speaker wire soldered to the terminals because I had some issues with the cardboard terminals tearing, but its pretty solid now. One of the grilles needs a little bit of loving to get it to seat right. There are some hook tool scratches on the edges of the CDMs, well illustrated in the pictures. The Elates have a bit of corrosion around the motor structure, but this is only cosmetic and obviously will not be seen once installed. The voice coils and drivers as a whole are in excellent working order.




I have a 10" linear actuator for motorization from Select Products. This unit is also in perfect working order and comes with both sets of mounting brackets and cotter pins, although you will have to supply your own cotter pin stop. There is an extra mounting hold drilled in the actuator, but you can use either. I also have the actuator controller from Select so you don't have to try and wire a relay pack to control this unit. Also in this bundle is a set of 20" ball bearing rails, also from Select. They are 10-1/4" closed and open are 20". Most info can be found at SP2009

Finally I have my old standby subwoofer, a JL Audio 13W7. This sub and I have been through a lot, and I've never mistreated her. It has some scratches on the basket and corrosion on the bottom of the motor structure. Also it does have a scatch in the surround, but it penetrates only about 1/4 of the way. See the pics for a better view of both sides of the scratch. I also have the mounting ring and O ring required to mount it. The aluminum mounting ring also has a few minor scratches.

More pictures Here

Prices DO NOT include shipping, but DO include Paypal fees:
Morel Supremo tweeter: 1 matched pair: $260.00
Morel CDM54: 1 pair $150.00
Morel Elate SW6: 1 pair $300.00
Select Products linear actuator set: 1 set(everything you need) $110.00
JL Audio 13W7 (Priority to local pickup): 1 beast of a speaker: $300.00

My paypal is [email protected] You can reference digitalhifnet on eBay or digitalhifinet on my iTrader account for feedback. I'm located in Troy, NY. Thanks for looking.
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do those cdm54's have grilles?
grunge has dibs on CDM-54
CDM-54's are sold!
To the top!
JL 13W7 is sold!
Man, I can't believe the lack of interest I've gotten on some of this stuff...

Supremo now $240.00 (Retail 600)
Elate now $280.00 (Retail 650)
Actuator Kit $80.00 (Retail 175)


Also...I'm willing to work out a trade+cash if anyone has any 1/4"-1/2" sheets of 6061 Aluminum (at least 12" X 24").
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ollschool has dibs on Supremos and Actuator. Waiting for paypal! Elates still available.
Paypal received, so just the Elates are left!
Bump for elates!
last bump before eBay
The elates are on eBay...please go bid :)
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