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FS Old School Kicker

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This is a need funds sale. Dont really wanna but have to. I am selling almost my entire setup. All OS Kicker

Kicker Resolution 4" set with ND25a tweets
Audio equipment Loudspeaker Subwoofer Computer speaker Technology

Auto part

Kicker Solobarics S10c8's and Comp6.5c's (4ohms)
Loudspeaker Audio equipment Subwoofer Car subwoofer Technology

Kicker ZR240 and ZR360

including the tweeter(TWX) xover module and Sub module. Will also include a set of passive xovers from another Kicker setup if needed. The amps will get the regular endcaps..NOT the chrome anniversary one. And includes sink link(very hard to find) for amps.

Have it all for $550+actual shipping. Dont really want to break it up.
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late night bump
nice. Im thinking of keeping my RS6 set..
PM me a price on just the amps, please.
I am afraid your going to have to break it up....just not enough people looking for all that stuff at once...

bump for the ZR stuff...I wish I had neeed for it.
i need these amps how much pm me please if you want to split stuff.
I'm very interested in the 4's and tweets. Please PM me a price! Thanks
At work right now....will send pms when get home. Of course everyone wants the amps!!!

The last part i would want to split!

But...gotta do what i gotta do i guess
PMs sent. Guess I'm splitting it all up. If you want something in the mix...ask away.
Price on the ND25a tweets?
Just got in from work...taking nap and going back in. I will edit post with prices for each item soon. If you have questions in the mean time, hit me up.

I'll take the RS4s.
Are you really in Germany? What would shipping be like?!
I'm in the Air Force. Use USPS Priority and you only pay for shipping to New York. The Army covers shipping from there.
everything still available.

Will split up everything except component set. And would rather sale subs as a pair.

Dont make me fleabay please.
Split em up and watch the feeding frenzy. Whats left sell on Epay for top dollar, I sold my OS Kickers on Ebay, was shocked at what it all sold for..

Bump for some awesome OS goodies in nice condition..
So, split prices...

Comp set...including 6.5's!!! $150+shipping




Both amps $260+

Amp prices include endcaps.....I'm keeping the sink link.(unless someone wants it really badly)
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bumpity bumpity

Also have extra set of ND25a's. will sell each pair for $50

will sell mids for $50+shipping

Subs for $100 +shipping

ZR240 $100+sh
ZR360 $130+sh

Come on guys...take it off my hands
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