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here is another excellent example of old school quality and power.
It's a Zed Audio Crunch amp it's badged as a 50SHC yet it's actually a cr400.

I bought it a long time ago and never installed it.
I actually have 2 of these babies left.
It works great and you will not find one like this anywhere as I know I have
not seen one on ebay for a long time.
It comes in it's original box with new speaker plug.

This amp is not a high current amp as the badging states.
It is actually a Crunch 400.
It was bench tested by Zed audio
2 x 278 watts at 4 ohms.
2 X 340 watts at 2 ohms
1 x 680 watts at 4 ohms mono.

Any questions feel free to ask.
Local pick up is also fine with me

There are no issues at all with this amp.
Note that I have 2 of these in total so if you want another just let me know.

Did I mention it is new??

Price is $380.00 u.s. funds plus shipping.

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