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URAL Concert CDD unique head unit

5.1 surround sound/2-way, 3-way speaker modes

30-band graphic EQ(limited to 10-band when using Tuner)

6 independent output channels + 1 sub output(low pass @ 60Hz, sum of Ch1 & 2)

full crossover settings for all 6 channels, pass through/highpass/lowpass/bandpass at 12/24dB slopes + frequency settings from 20Hz to 20kHz for any.

balance control for every channel output, fully independent with 0.5dB steps

time alignment for every channel from 0 to 5 feet in around 1/4" increments(shown in cm to 0.1 resolution)

phase inverter for every channel

CD supports mp3 and even Ogg Vorbis, WMA, Flac

Tuner has worldwide support and is in 0.01 resolution(seriously)

Tuner has an auto Search/preset ability(very neat)

Signal generator sine/square/triangle wave, adjustable frequency from 20Hz to 20kHz, level from -60dB(off) to 0dB

mic input

user programable remote(can program any remote/IR device(PC/PDA/etc.) to the HU)

It comes with, everything,

these are pics when I got it, i'm gonna take some more of it, can give them on demand to, but it's in A1 shape, like new...

Could take exchange for Sinfoni 50.4x amplifer, or High end amplifeir or HU

I have a 7949 + H700 for sale so i'm keeping one of the two depending on wich sell first..

asking 650$ obo for this piece of collection

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