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FS: Pioneer avh-x1700s and PPI Atom 1000.4

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Long story short I was told a double din would fit in my dash but come to find out it will require a little cutting to make it happen. The dash bezel is about 1/32" too small in both directions and a piece of plastic would have to be cut in the dash itself. Trimming to make it fit is out of the question because having a double din isn't THAT important to me. Looks like it's back to single din for Hillbilly.

Pioneer 1700-9.5/10 just because I hooked it up and powered it up. Otherwise it's basically bnib. $210 shipped lower 48.

PPI Atom 1000.4-10/10. I tried it out on my widebanders from about 1khz and up and wasn't very impressed but feel it would be just fine as a tiny midbass or low powered sub amp...or even in a boat or beater car. I just don't think the technology is there yet for an amp like this to be used for the top-end on low distortion speakers. As long as it's used for the right reason it will make someone a wonderful little amp. $110 shipped lower 48.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics. I can text you any additional pics you might need if considering purchasing.

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Just in case you're not aware, the new Pioneer dd units will do 3-way active. It will do just about everything the 80prs will do as far as processing goes plus all the nice stuff you get with the bigger screen and other features. Not looking for any trades and I'm really sad that it wouldn't fit without cutting even though several people including the Crutchfield fitment guide told me it would!
I am negotiable and would swap straight across for an 80prs in perfect condition. From what I can tell the only difference in processing with this unit is it has a 13 band eq instead of a 16 band eq. And the eq has 12 clicks of travel each way instead of 6 like the 80prs. Since the unit is basically brand new and only been powered up once for about 15 seconds (then I realized I had gotten bad info on fitment) I'm not willing to take too much of a hit on it. However, feel free to make me an offer. The worst I can do is say no:)
PRICE DROP! $200 shipped on the headunit and $100 shipped for the amp.
Hmm I would have thought the new 3-way active Pioneer double din units would be a forum boner right now! No blue tooth on this one because I have no interest in that. Still a nice unit that seems to be really well built.
AVH-X1700S - <b>NEW!</b> - DVD Receiver with 6.2" Display, Siri® Eyes Free, SiriusXM-Ready™, Android™ Music Support, and Pandora® | Pioneer Electronics USA
FINAL PRICE DROP! $190 shipped for headunit. Amp is staying the same price. Can't believe no one on here is wanting a 3-WAY ACTIVE double din unit. Would be great to replace a single din 3-way active unit with. It will fit in my dash with a little bit of sanding, bending, and cutting but I don't want to go down that road. Chrysler really pulled a fast one on me with that slot even though there's a dash kit to put a double din in that slot! Shoulda included a warning that hackery would be required in a Ram truck!
Income tax refund anticipation bump!
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