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FS: Pioneer avh-x1700s and PPI Atom 1000.4

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Long story short I was told a double din would fit in my dash but come to find out it will require a little cutting to make it happen. The dash bezel is about 1/32" too small in both directions and a piece of plastic would have to be cut in the dash itself. Trimming to make it fit is out of the question because having a double din isn't THAT important to me. Looks like it's back to single din for Hillbilly.

Pioneer 1700-9.5/10 just because I hooked it up and powered it up. Otherwise it's basically bnib. $210 shipped lower 48.

PPI Atom 1000.4-10/10. I tried it out on my widebanders from about 1khz and up and wasn't very impressed but feel it would be just fine as a tiny midbass or low powered sub amp...or even in a boat or beater car. I just don't think the technology is there yet for an amp like this to be used for the top-end on low distortion speakers. As long as it's used for the right reason it will make someone a wonderful little amp. $110 shipped lower 48.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics. I can text you any additional pics you might need if considering purchasing.

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That is why I went with the OEM touch screen, hate that I lost the functionality of my 80prs though.
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