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Product Brand & Model:

Pioneer DEX-P1R

Condition of all items:


Total Price: :

$150 shipped

Shipping Terms: :

Free insured shipping

Pictures: -

Additional info:

Comes with harness, faceplate, trim ring and cage. Faceplate has its share of scratches and the wiring is bit chewed up. Selling cheap!


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still available and does everything work well still IE face tilt?, and the cd mechanism ?....Let me know as I may be interested also you still have remote, trim ring, power harness?...


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Still have it. Everything works. Deck, faceplate, harness, trim ring and cage are all that is included.

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If I wasnt spoiled with USB I would get this. I always wanted one of these before they came out with USB on decks.

even still I wish I had the extra to get this.


you should dig up the specs cause I remember this had feature list a mile long

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You're right... Here's the feature list.


Supertuner® V™ (RDS + ID-Logic®)
Call Sign (PI) Display
Format (PTY) Display
8 Group Format (PTY) Search, Scan & BSM
Traffic Program (TP) Identification
Traffic Announcement (TA)
Traffic Announcement (TA) Search
Radio Text (RT)
64 Character Message Scrolling Display
3-Message First-In/First-Out Memory
4-Message User Memory
Auto Position Set (APS)
Auto Position Follow (APF)
24-Station (18FM/6AM) Presets
Format-BSM (Best Stations Memory)
Voice Preset Naming (with optional CD-VC50)
AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for Optimum CD Tracking Performance
CD TEXT for Built-In CD Player
Disc Title Memory (48 Discs)
Digital Compression and Dynamic Bass Emphasis
MCD Control of Pioneer P-Bus 6, 12, and 50+1 Disc Multi-CD Players
Disc List
CD Server (CDX-P5000) Enhanced Feature Control
Eject Playing Disc
Music Group Play (10 Groups)
Frequency Play (Most or Least)
Alphabetical Disc List & Play
Sound-Q Circuitry for Superior Sound Quality:
Hi-Bit Legato Link™ Digital Processor
Hi-Volt Component Preamp
Zero-Bit Mute
Hi-Volt RCA Preouts (x3 pair) (Front/Rear + Subwoofer) (4 Volt, <100 Ohm, Gold Plated)
Source EQ/DSP Memory & Source Level Adjuster
AUTO-Flap Motorized Face with 5-step Angle Adjustment
Detachable Face Security™
DFS™ Alarm+
New 23-Key Wireless Full-Function Smart Remote Control (with Mounting Kit)
Multicolor Display with EL Backlighting & Contrast Adjustment
2-line, 32 character Dot Matrix Information Display
15-Band Spectrum Analyzer (5 display modes)
Digital Automatic Sound Levelizer (ASL) with Built-In mic (5-mode)
PREMIER® Two-Year Warranty

Built-In DSP Features

13-Band Graphic Equalizer
4 Factory Presets (Rock/Pops/Vocal/Flat)
2 User Presets
Nuance Control
Auto-EQ - Automatic Frequency Response Calibration System
3 Curves Available (Dynamic/Natural/Mild)
Omni-Directional Microphone (Included)
Standard Mode (Sound Field Priority)
6-Mode Digital Sound Field Control (SFC) (Studio, Jazz, Club, Dome, Concert, Stadium)
Listening Position Selector (4 Mode: Front Left/Front Right/Front/All)
Front & Rear HPF: 50/80/125/200Hz, Level -24 to 0dB, Slope -12/-6/0dB
Subwoofer LPF: 50/63/80/100/125/160/200Hz, Level -24 to +6dB, Slope -18/-12/-6dB
Phase Switch for Subwoofer
Pro Mode (Digital Network Priority)
Time Alignment (0 ~ 160", 0.5" Steps)
Listening Position Selector (3 Mode: Front Left/Front Right/Front)
High HPF: 2k/2.5k/3.15k/4k/5k/6.3k/ 8k/10k/12.5kHz, Level -24 to +6dB, Slope -24/-18/-12/-6/0dB
Mid LPF: 2k/2.5k/3.15k/4k/5k/6.3k/ 8k/10k/12.5kHz
Mid HPF: 40/50/63/80/100/125/160/ 200/250Hz, Level -24 to +0dB, Slope -24/-18/-12/-6/0dB
Low LPF: 40/50/63/80/100/125/160/200/250Hz, Level -24 to +6dB, Slope -36/-30/-24/-18/-12dB
Phase Switch for Low/Mid/High

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so is there any inputs that your could use to connect an ipod? If so, im very interested

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Remote is necessary for many key functions. Great price on unit if it's in good working order. Pioneer parts can sell you a remote.

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If it has a p-bus plug u can use a cd-rb10 to give it a set of RCA inputs. There is a "p" in the model number which usually indicates that it has p-bus.

And just read in the specs about p-bus so it should accept an aux through the p-bus.

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You can use a cd-rb10 on this deck. I have a P1R as well and used the aux input once the CD mechanism started rejecting CDs.
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