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This item is brand new, just test fitted in the car before he figured out that it didn't fit. Specs are below, in the process of taking pictures which I can put up shortly. Asking $200 plus shipping and paypal. Tons of feedback here and on pretty much every other car audio forum.

Here are the specs from Crutchfield:

Polk Audio is legendary for building some of the best speakers in the world! Now, they've extended their engineering expertise and dedication to great sound to their Carbon series amps. These bruisers are designed to give your system two big advantages over the competition: massive power output and outstanding sound quality. Plus, thanks to Polk's collaboration with Italian motorsports accessories designer MOMO, they've got a distinctive, stylish look.

The Polk/MOMO C500.1 is one mono subwoofer amp that won't let you down when the going gets tough. Its Maximum Dynamic Headroom (MDH) power supply delivers huge amounts of instantaneous power, so your subwoofers won't falter during musical peaks. The heatsink is specially designed to dissipate heat with extreme efficiency, so there's no need for a noisy fan.

If you're building a competition system, check out this exclusive feature: the C500.1 features a Pre-EQ switch, which optimizes the crossover and bass level especially for use with Polk/MOMO subwoofers.
So, now we know it sounds great — but how does it look? In a word: excellent. Flexible three-way wire management lets you route your cables to the left, right, or bottom, and the cover plate conceals the controls and all your connections for an uncluttered look. Combine that with up-to-the-minute carbon fiber accents and removable end caps (take 'em off to save space, or to mount two amps right next to each other), and you've got one seriously stylin' power plant.

  • mono subwoofer car amplifier
  • 350 watts x 1 at 4 ohms (500 watts x 1 at 2 ohms)
  • 2 ohm stable
  • variable low-pass filter (30-200 Hz)
  • selectable low-pass crossover slope (12 or 24 dB/octave)
  • subsonic filter (15 Hz at 24 dB/octave)
  • bass boost (0-18 dB at 30-160 Hz)
  • Pre-EQ switch optimizes the crossover and bass level especially for use with Polk/MOMO subwoofers
  • RCA inputs accept both speaker- and preamp-level input (To use the inputs as speaker-level, you must attach RCA connectors to your speaker wire.)
  • preamp outputs
  • remote subwoofer level control with 19.5-foot cable
  • 6-Way Smart System Protection (SSP) circuitry
  • 11-1/16"W x 2-9/16"H x 9-3/4"D
  • fuse rating: 25A x 2
  • 4-gauge power and ground leads recommended — wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
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