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FS: PXA-H701 w/ IXOS optical and H700 controller!

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Up for sale is a great condition PXA-H701 plus extras. Purchased this from psyche1 last week, and have decided I don't have the desire left in me to do 3 way active again.

Anyways, I'd give this unit a solid 9/10 cosmetically with only one mark on the top. I'll take pictures upon request, but it's really in nice shape. Have box, manual, AI-NET cable, and power plug.

In addition, I have an IXOS optical cable I received with the unit. This cable is sleeved together with the AI-NET cable.

Also included is the controller piece from the H700 setup; this is JUST the controller. No cable, no mounting hardware. The controller sells for about $75 shipped from PacParts and I'd give it a 9.5/10. The cable can be purchased from PacParts for about $37 shipped, but is on backorder till May.

I'm asking $460 shipped for ALL of it! Will not break it up. Finding H701's in this good of condition usually run $400+ by itself; here you get the optical cable and a controller unit for not much more.
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I currently have a Nak CD500 which doesn't have an optical or other digi out. Would I still be able to utilize all of the H701's features?

I want to get my hands on a DRZ, but can only do that if I can sell my Nak CD500 and my DCX730.

BTW, both have very minimal use and are in pretty much MINT condition for those that may be interested :D Thanks.
Honestly, I wouldn't recommend using the H701 without an Alpine HU w/ AI-NET at a minimum as there is a lot of hiss. I have heard of people doing it, but that was not my experience. With any AI-NET HU, this thing rocks.
Actually, I will do it without the controller as for most people it may not be value added. $415 shipped firm without for the PXA-H701 w/ Optical cable
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