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FS Quart 8-inch Midbass

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Product Brand & Model:

A Pair of MB Quart QM200 TX3 8-inch Midbass Drivers (4-ohm)

Condition of all items:

Excellent condition, never installed. I bought them five years ago and never used them (pretty much out of the hobby and have been for several years). A little dusty, some slight abrasions to the cones that require good light to see. No depth to the scuffs whatsoever. The baskets are perfect. I'd say 8.5 - 9/10

Total Price: :

$175 shipped Paypal

Shipping Terms: :

UPS or USPS, your choice.

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Additional info:

I'm not certain what these are worth considering how rare they are. From a little research I see they're out of a Quart RSB 335 3-way Component Set. I saw one of these component sets sell for $550 four years ago on the CA classifieds. I believe they were around $1500 MSRP or $700 street price new in about 2000. From the quality inspection stickers on the speakers I believe they were made in 1999 by Quart in Germany, in fact Made in Germany is stamped all over them :).


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4) consider using an escrow service to protect yourself.

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Good catch, typo on my part.
I just measured them with my DMM, they are 3.2-ohm DCRe.
No interest at all? Is my asking price too high? Please make a offer.
Mounting depth is ~3.43, Overall basket diameter is ~8.35", Mounting diameter should be around 7.1"
Very cool, thanks for the information!
Price drop: $160 shipped to the cont. US
Bump... $150 shipped.
Bump... Is this asking too much for rare German made Quart?
Bump... Have had a back out and a low ball, would like to get these sold here soon or otherwise they're on to eBay.
These are sold, thanks. I have two more but I'm thinking I may keep them for a rainy day...
1 - 14 of 17 Posts
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