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Forsale are some of the rarest models of some of the best SQ amps of there day...

These are both very rare amplifiers. The 1500 isnt the most un-common but as for the 5150 most dont even know they exist...

Both these amps have been inspected, fully tested and both repaired by a trusted Amplifier Technician... the 1500 had transistors replaced, caps and more... the 5150 had switches replaced. Both amps had caps changed, full board cleaning and both have the gold film transistor backing ...

These are UGLY
The 5150 is OK(not pretty)
However the 1500 is in downright BAD cosmetic condition. I was planning to powder coat these both (and still may) but will consider selling them as is... if I do powder coat them I'd either be keeping them or asking considerably more afterwards. There is no damage beyond the cosmetics.

what better reason to paint a pair of amps to match your interior...
I can also possibly include decales for each amp.

Specs, these are hard to find... but the following is the true specifications on both amps...
ArcAudio 1500 D-R Class- "T" Amplifier
"2-Ohm Mode"

240 watts RMS ×2 @ 4-Ohms
450 watts RMS ×2 @ 2-Ohms
900 watts RMS ×1 @ 4-Ohms Bridged
"1-Ohm Mode"
150 watts RMS ×2 @ 4-Ohms
290 watts RMS ×2 @ 2-Ohms
500 watts RMS ×2 @ 1-Ohm
1,000 watts RMS ×1 @ 2-Ohms Bridged
<0.05% THD @4ohms
<0.2% THD @2ohms
<0.5% THD @1ohm
<0.055% TD @4ohms (100w)
15-1/4"L × 8"W × 2-1/4"H

ArcAudio 5150 CXL-R 5-Channel Class-A/B Amp
45 watts RMS ×4 @4-Ohms 190 ×[email protected] ch5
75 watts RMS ×4 @2-Ohms 190 ×[email protected] ch5
150 watts RMS ×2 @4-Ohms Bridged 190×[email protected]^

<0.07 THD @4ohms
<0.01 TD @4ohms (100w)
16"L × 8"W × 2-1/4"H

Both Amps, $525 Shipped as is cosmetically
Can get decales of the logo made for you & include them.

will consider having them powder coated prior to sale as I do have a connection for powder coating (Could have the Arc Audio logo done as well... would not have the ability to do any of the small print on the sides... just the main logo and series on the top)

or by themselves (dont really want to sell them separately)

~Arc Audio 1500 D-R (Gray 5.0/10)
Tested/ Fully Inspected & Repaired

~Arc Audio 5150 CXL-R
(Gray 7.0/10)
Tested/ Fully Inspected & Repaired

Pricing may seem high, please consider the rarity and the possibility of powder coat into the high asking price):cry:

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I will sell them as a pair shipped, for $525... that for 2 of the rarest in the series (some dont even know the 5ch exists lol) both in working condition
ugly... but just makes for a good excuse/great reason to paint them to match your interior...

I can include stickers of the logos as well.

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Bump $250 each or $450 pair.
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