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Up for sale is my prized Curtis Clocks handmade 22 inch Mcintosh Neon clock/sign.

I purchased this from Curtis Clocks directly about two months ago with plans to use it in my home theater. A couple things have come up that need some funding and I've decided to sell some of my gear to fund it in lieu of pulling money from savings. I hate to get rid of this as it's really a very rare piece and a really cool "conversation piece" in my HT. It's one of my favorite cool toys but I need the extra cash now.

It would look great in your listening room or garage.

More info on Curtis Clocks:
Curtis Clocks | Fine custom neon clocks


You can find where one sold on eBay for $680 shipped in November here:
A 22" Neon Clock. Deluxe Twin Tube! McIntosh Stereo Advertising clock. Curtis | eBay

I'm asking $600 shipped, CONUS, PayPal payment. I have tons of feedback on eBay and other forums if needed.

If you're interested PM me or email me at [email protected].


Here's some of my pictures:

edit: Item sold so pictures removed so people won't steal them and use them for their own gain.
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