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FS: Raven R2 Ribbon Tweeters *New in Box*

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I have a pair of Raven R2's that I have been holding onto for several years, and have come to the decision that I am happy with LCY in the car, and my FinalSound electrostats at home, so will never use these. They are brand new, in the box, and I even have some spare ribbon elements to go with them (provided by Orca, not homebrew). These are absolutely gorgeous, and probably one of the best built driver I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, they are out of production, and no longer available, so this may be the last pair of new R2's available. Last price on these from Zalytron was $350/driver, and even more from Orca directly.

I am asking $550 for the pair, which I think is more than fair.

Pictures available by email.

Many thanks,
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Mmmm... some very nice ribbons. :)
Bump for price reduction and package offer. $525 for the ribbons, or $750 for the Ravens and my new in box pair of Scan Speak 21W/8554-00.
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