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I have two amps I'm looking to get rid of,

1st is the JL 300/4 V1. With box and manual. Very minor surface scratches, none really dug into the metal. Also the corner of one of the fins is cracked off. Small piece maybe the size of a nickle. This does not affect the cooling at all because the fin belongs to the side plate, not the row of cooling fins, and is purely cosmetic anyway. One other note, the "low ohm" light came on a few times in the past while driving normal loads. It did not affect how the amp sounded in any way light on or not. Looked it up in the manual and it said one of my speaker wires could be touching the car body (ground). I did not verify this before I switched the amp speakers and wiring to my new set up.

Rockford P500.2 like new in box. Birthsheet rates it at 225wx2 at 4 ohms and 750x1 bridged at 4 ohms, if I recall right. Would be slammin on a pair of mid-bass, or bridged to a sub.

Looking for $150 shipped for each amp.

Pics soon.
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