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CONDITION: Scan #2 Brand New

PRICE: Scan #2: $525.00

SHIPPING: Included (UPS Ground / USPS). Will ship in the factory Scanspeak boxes. IF you desire a double box for shipment, we will need to add $40 to the price (box, stuffing, and extra shipping cost).

PAYMENT: Due to the new Paypal rules, I will only be accepting PO Money Orders as payment.


ScanSpean #2 - The driver is brand new purchased via Madisound. The driver's cost has gone up almost $150.00 over the last two years.

By the way, Madisound is sound out of this driver at the moment. So this is a good time to get some of the nicest Scanspeak subwoofers you can find.

Information provided via Madisound.

Scan-Speak Revelator 13" Subwoofer - 32W/4878T

The 32W/4878T00 is the most powerful subwoofer designed by Scan-speak to this date, with its large 3” voice coil, extreme linear excursion and low resonance frequency, it is perfect to reproduce the deepest frequencies. It features a brand new type of paper-sandwich cone with a special foam filling technology (patented) that gives the cone very high stiffness and relatively low weight. The motor system has heavy-duty copper sleeves for optimizing eddy currents and minimizing self-induction.


Paper sandwich cone with Patented foam filling
  • Patented Symmetrical Drive motor
  • Spider with balanced woven in tinsel leads
  • Extreme linear excursion (+/-14 mm)
  • 3” Voice coil, Titanium former, and paper reinforced
  • Stiff and strong die-cast aluminum chassis
  • Possible alignments:
  • 3.5 cubic feet with a 4" diameter vent by 12" long for an F3 of 26Hz.
  • 2.75 cubic feet with a 3" diameter vent by 12" long for an F3 of 29Hz. With this vent diameter, you will run into air vent velocity trouble after 200 watts. At 200 watts you are at 112dB. A wider vent is too long.
  • A 1.5 cubic foot sealed box has an F3 of 45Hz.
PICTURES: Scanspeak #2 is shown. These are all the pictures I have.
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