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FS: Scan Speak 21W/8554-00 *New in box*

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I have a pair of brand new in box 21W/8554-00. I bought these for a project at the recommendation of Alec at RAAL. He said that hands down, these were the best 8" drivers every produced for a high-efficiency 2-way design. Being that he makes one of the best ribbon transducers in the world, I would say that is a pretty strong endorsement.

Here are the specs:

21W/8554-00 Classic 8″ Woofer ScanSpeak Datasheet

It looks as though these are no longer available, and as my memory serves, the last list price from Madisound was around $190/driver, and Solen Currently has 6 left at $219/driver. I am asking $275 for the pair, which I think is a terrific value, and much less than I paid.

Pics available via email.

These would mate perfectly with the Raven R2's that i am about to list.

Many thanks,
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Hans is a great guy... :)

Buy with confidence.
Bump for a great Hoosier and some really nice 8" drivers at a really nice price. Surprised these are still around.

Kevin - you should buy these and sell me your JBL 2118's!
Now available in package deal with my new-in-box Raven R2's for the all-time low price of $750. That would build a world class front stage or monitor package.
Looks like your sold your Ravens. Are the SS speakers still for sale? If so, please reply direct <[email protected]>.
Sorry to ask again, but I haven't heard from you yet. Are your speakers still for sale?
Yes, sending you an email now.
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