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I have added more pictures, more items, and FREE STUFF! Read on.

I have too much gear (GASP!), and not enough room to put it in. No reasonable offer refused. (Keep in mind this NOT an invitation for "my bookie is going to break my legs" or "man, I need a rock of crack BAD" type of offers). RETAIL PRICING IS SHOWN FOR COMPARISON ONLY. The pricing next to it is ballpark pricing, go from there. A few things MIGHT strike my fancy for a trade, but they are very limited (a brand new Ipod, Audio Control Digital EQ/Crossover, modded Xbox). Free stuff is actually free if you pick it up (Seattle), some of the stuff can't be shipped so I'll not ship those. For shipping, you pay and it ships the next time I make a trip to the shipping counter.

All prices do not include shipping. I'll ship to just about anywhere on someone elses dime if you buy enough stuff (I can't really afford to stand in line at USPS and fill out 42 forms to ship a $5 part to Turmekistan, but I'm reasonable). I have tons of feedback (280 on Ebay without a negative in several years (and that was a "I thought As-Is meant if it didn't work, I could blackmail you with bad feedback if you didn't give a refund" type of customer). I have added more pictures, additional pictures available if needed.

Soundgate ICB100, Intelligent Circuit Breaker. Basically instead of regular circuit breaker that gets worse every time your trip it, or a fuse that is a weak link (ever wonder why you run a 1/0 wire into a small fuse? why add resistance?). Gary Biggs, Mark Eldrige and Scott Buwalda have these in their cars. Retail was $250 plus $25 for the remote, I'm selling for $50 plus shipping with the remtoe included.

Some neon, brand new in box, all red:

Streetglow AN5RD 5" mini neon (2 per package). Regular price was $35. Asking $15 each (2 available).

ANLPRD (Red Neon License Plate Frame). $19, asking $10

ANHLSRD (Headlight Strobe Kit Red) Picture is wrong below, description is right ($22 asking $10 have 2 of these).

MTX 9500 15" woofer. Brand new in box. Did not realize this thing, once I built a box for it would tip the scales at 125 pounds plus. It was just too much for me. I never used it, the box is a bit beat up (but the box is double boxed and the woofer is packed like a faberge egg would be). $700 retail, this thing is one bad mofo. Asking $350.

DAXX R88-07 high end reference series RCA interconnects. 2.5 feet. NIB. $53.20 retail. $10.

Type RF ****pit covers. These are the ones that go on all the Type RF amplifiers. For some reason the 2002 Type RF stuff came with a blue ****pit and smoke covers and the new ones changed that around a little to make it more uniform. I have 8 Purple, Orange, and Green ****pits. I also have 4 Red and 4 Smoke colored ones. Rockford's ebay outlet was pretty much giving away the amps over the past several months, but these are somewhat hard to come by. NIB. $15 retail. $5 each, make an offer if you want to buy the stuff in bulk and take it off my hands. (I bought the lot to get the red ones and smoked ones, which is why I have less of those).

Lighting Audio S2.500.4 40 x 2 + 100 x 2 4 channel amp used but in Very Good shape. Have original box. $450 retail (I think), asking $125

Blaupunkt video package. Used, had this in the wife's car for the kid. Now there are two so need something a little bigger so they can both watch at the same time.
Consists of the Blaupunkt DVDME1.
And 7" drop down.
Retail used to be about $700. Asking $180.

Streetwires ZN5.0 RCA ends. I have 24 of these, make me an offer. They retailed for $20 a pair from what I remember. I have the inside part, just didn't pull them out to take pictures.

1 DEI 2055 Midrange speakers. I had a mechanic working on my car blow 1 driver, a buddy at DEI hooked me up with a pair. I replaced the one bad one and called it a day, keeping this one hanging around for the last few weeks.

1 (I repeat ONE) 4" flared port. Brand new in box, never used. $12 at Parts Express. $5. 12" tube plus the two ports. Here is a picture of the kit:
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